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Anxiety as an Aggravating Factor during Onset of Focal Dystonia in Musicians


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Primary Author: Jabusch, H.
Journal Title: Medical Problems of Performing Artists
Date Published: Jun-04
Language: English
Category: Nervous Disorders
Key Words: anxiety cause focal dystonia musician instrument
Full Citation: Jabusch, Hans-Christian, and Eckart O. Altenmüller. Anxiety as an Aggravating Factor during Onset of Focal Dystonia in Musicians. Medical Problems of Performing Artists 19, no. 2 (June 2004): 75-81.
Full Abstract: In a recent study, perfectionism and anxiety traits were found to be elevated in musicians with dystonia; the dynamics of different anxiety disorders and their possible role during the development of dystonia in musicians remain unclear. Dystonic musicians (n=20) were investigated by means of a questionnaire focusing on different anxiety disorders and were compared with healthy musicians (n=30) and musicians with chronic pain syndromes (n=20). Musicians with focal dystonia more often reported social phobia and specific phobias than did healthy musicians. Musicians who later developed focal dystonia more often suffered from specific phobias than musicians who later developed chronic pain. Musicians with chronic pain more often reported free-floating anxiety compared with healthy musicians. In the stage fright subscale, no significant differences were observed between the groups. The patterns of specific phobias and social phobia were reported to have existed before the onset of dystonia.