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Identification of Risk Factors for Musicians in Catalonia [Spain]


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Primary Author: Roset-llobet, J.
Journal Title: Medical Problems of Performing Artists
Date Published: Dec-00
Language: English
Category: Multiple Medical Disorders
Key Words: medical performance risk factor musician Spain
Full Citation: Roset-Llobet, Jaume, Dolors Rosinés-Cubells, and Josep M. Saló-Orfila. Identification of Risk Factors for Musicians in Catalonia (Spain). Medical Problems of Performing Artists 15, no. 4 (December 2000): 167-173.
Full Abstract: Out of 9,795 questionnaires distributed to professional conservatories, music schools, orchestras, music groups, cobles (traditional Catalonian bands), and associations of professional musicians, 1,639 were returned and completed. These reports show brass players having 85.5% incidence of medical problems relating to their music. Furthermore, this survey ranks the prevalence of injury in brass players the second highest, contrary to American surveys. Among the brass players who responded, 77.1% report cervical discomfort. 48.4% report having discomfort in the area of the mouth and embouchure. The incidence of musicians' injuries was significantly higher in all cases among professional musicians.