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Medical Problems of Trumpeters


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Primary Author: Chesky, K.
Journal Title: International Trumpet Guild
Date Published: May-03
Language: English
Category: Multiple Medical Disorders
Key Words: medical trumpet performance musician
Full Citation: Chesky, Kris. Medical Problems of Trumpeters. Summary notes from lectures by Chesky, Lederman, and Rubin, International Trumpet Guild Conference, Fort Worth, TX, May 22, 2003. International Trumpet Guild, http://trumpetguild.org/2003conference/symposium.html (accessed November 15, 2004).
Full Abstract: Of the two hundred and twenty-seven trumpet players surveyed, 53% report having one or more musculoskeletal problems related to playing trumpet. These injuries had a higher prevalence in the right-hand fingers, wrist and shoulder. In addition, headache, blackout, hearing loss, and loss of embouchure control are serious concerns resulting from the physical demands of trumpet playing. The musical symptoms of trumpeters with dystonia are: poor tone quality, problems with articulations, and impaired lip control. The physical manifestations of over-use and soft-tissue damage include discoloration, pain and swelling. This source is also found in ITG Journal 28 (October 2003): 61.