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Schmerzen beim Musizieren. [Feeling Pain While Playing a Musical Instrument.] Part 3


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Primary Author: Diethelm, U.
Journal Title: Brass Bulletin
Date Published: 2003
Language: German
Category: Overuse Syndrome and Musculoskeletal Injuries
Key Words: medical pain injury overuse musician instrument
Full Citation: Diethelm, Urban. Schmerzen beim Musizieren. [Feeling Pain While Playing a Musical Instrument.] Part 3. Brass Bulletin 121 (2003): 90-3.
Full Abstract: When overuse syndrome occurs, first investigate the potential causes carefully before rushing into treatment. Avoid a narrow and a wide view of causes during this investigation. Looking only toward the local area of pain is a narrow view. Searching for answers too widely is also unhelpful, such as blaming pain on food intolerance or poisoning. It is also advisable to design a treatment plan based on a thorough diagnosis. This plan should coordinate different therapies, and set timetables to achieve objectives. This includes following advice for rest beyond the symptoms' remission. Other pain is caused by the use of excessive force. The Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, kinesiology, or yoga may offer insight into the body's natural signals and give musicians helpful self-awareness. The goal should be to play musical instruments without pain, taking adequate breaks when needed. These rests are opportunities to stretch, loosen and relax muscles.