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The Perils of Trumpeting


Copyright 2024, Mark Alan Wade

Primary Author: Meyer, C.
Journal Title: Minnesota Medicine
Date Published: Feb-03
Language: English
Category: Multiple Medical Disorders
Key Words: medical trumpet performance musician
Full Citation: Meyer, Charles R. The Perils of Trumpeting. Minnesota Medicine 86, no. 2 (February 2003): 16-21.
Full Abstract: Playing the trumpet is physically demanding and requires training of certain muscle groups. In addition, the physiology of the trumpet makes it vulnerable to certain ailments of the lips, mouth and respiratory tract. This includes the following: parotiditis (infection of the parotid gland), pharyngocoeles (herniation of the pharynx), laryngocoeles (herniation of the larynx), syncope (transient dizziness or passing out), and facial dystonia. Despite these rare possibilities, trumpeters continue to strive through medical problems for the sheer joy of the music.