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Vision Problems


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Primary Author: Fournier, M.
Journal Title: Medical Problems of the Instrumental Musician
Date Published: 2000
Language: English
Category: Vision Problems
Key Words: wind instrument performance eye musician
Full Citation: Fournier, Monique, Geneviéve Prévost, and Françoise Zamfirescu. Vision Problems. In Medical Problems of the Instrumentalist Musician, edited by Raoul Tubiana and Peter C. Amadio, 491-505. London: The Livery House, 2000.
Full Abstract: 52.7% of orchestral musicians and 57.2% of music professors out of 1410 surveyed report having vision problems. The most common vision impairment reported was Ametropia (84%), a refractive error that prevents the eye from focusing the image of distant objects on the retina. Specifically, 81.76% report having Myopia (near sightedness), a refractive error in which the eyeball is too long or the lens system of the eye is too powerful causing light rays to focus in front of the retina. The visual problems of musicians are influenced by the score quality of the music, dazzling (the contrast between background lighting and the reflected light off of the page of music), and poor lighting conditions. These factors cause undue eye strain and fatigue which aggravate existing visual impairments.