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Wenn sich einer den Nerv durchgeblasen hat


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Primary Author: Buck, W.
Journal Title: Brass Bulletin
Date Published: 1994
Language: German
Category: Nervous Disorders
Key Words: dystonia musician treatment brass
Full Citation: Buck, Wilfried. Wenn sich einer den Nerv durchgeblasen hat. Brass Bulletin 87 (1994) 50-56.
Full Abstract: The expression, killing your nerve, is a misnomer for focal dystonia, or Horn-player's Palsy. This condition is often linked to a specific injury or physically demanding performance. Treatments have been largely ineffective at this evasive disorder. Attempts at treatments to date include: Botulinum-Toxin-A, a neurotoxin, injected into the perioral muscles to calm the tension, and the use of drugs that ordinarily treat Parkinson's disease. In addition, homeopathy and acupuncture have been reported as treatments with similarly unpredictable results.