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A Comprehensive Performance Project in Horn Literature with an Essay Consisting of the Effects of Inspiratory Conditions on the Vital Capacity of Brass Players
(1988) DMA Dissertation, University of Iowa

Brace Yourself!
(Sep-93) ITG Journal

Bromocriptine for Horn Player's Palsy
(Jun-83) Lancet

Correspondence: Repair of the Orbicularis Oris in Horn Players
(Dec-88) Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

EMG Characterization of Embouchure Muscle Activity: Reliability and Application to Embouchure Dystonia
(Mar-05) Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Embouchure Dystonia: An Under-recognized Cause of Performance Impairment in Brass Players
(1999) The Horn Call

Embouchure Health and Maintenance
(May-99) The Horn Call

Excessive Practicing May Cause Muscle Tremors, Focal Dystonia
(Sep-02) The Instrumentalist

French Horn Embouchure Dystonia
(Jan-99) Movement Disorders

French-horn Hypertension
(Aug-95) New England Journal of Medicine

Horn Stuttering
(1992) Journal of Fluency Disorders

Medical Issues: Overuse Injuries - an Interview with Lucinda Lewis
(May-06) The Horn Call

Not Music to the Ear
(Apr-96) Industry Week

Overstrain Injuries in Brass Players: Causes and Cure
(1993) Brass Bulletin

Overstrain Injuries in Brass Players: Causes and Cure: A Brass Player's Testament

Pinched Nerves: Spinal, Ulnar, and Carpal
(Feb-04) The Horn Call

Task-Specific Dystonia in a Horn Player
(Jan-01) Movement Disorders

The Horn Player and Ockham's Razor
(Jul-98) Psychiatrische Praxis

Velopharyngeal Incompetence Manifested Initially in Playing a Musical Instrument
(1990) Journal of Voice

Wandering Atrial Pacemaker (Prevalence in French Hornists)
(1976) Journal Electrocardiology