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Broken Embouchures: An Embouchure Handbook and Repair Guide for Brass Players Suffering from Embouchure Problems Caused by Overuse, Injury, Medical/Dental Conditions, or Damaged Mechanics

Dental Clinic for Wind Players: Causes and Cures of Sudden vs. Gradual Embouchure and Playing Problems Due to Neuropathy
(1996) Brass Bulletin

EMG Characterization of Embouchure Muscle Activity: Reliability and Application to Embouchure Dystonia
(Mar-05) Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Embouchure Dystonia: An Under-recognized Cause of Performance Impairment in Brass Players
(1999) The Horn Call

Embouchure Health and Maintenance
(May-99) The Horn Call

Embouchure Problems in Brass Instrumentalists
(Jun-03) Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Embouchure Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Method for Overcoming Embouchure Overuse Syndrome in Brass Players

French Horn Embouchure Dystonia
(Jan-99) Movement Disorders

It Hurts. What Is It?
(2002) Broken Embouchures: An Embouchure Handbook and Repair Guide

Medical Issues: Focal Embouchure Dystonia and Musicians: Some Current Thoughts and Concerns about Treatment
(Feb-06) The Horn Call

New Tools for the Assessment of the Embouchure's Biomechanics
(Mar-05) ITG Journal

Pressions de l'embouchure sur les levres des trompettistes en fonction de leur technique instrumentale. [The Impact of Embouchure on the Lips of Trumpet Players and How This Relates to Their Instrumental Technique.]
(Jun-94) Médecine des arts: Approche médicale et scientifique des pratiques artistiques

Problemas de embocadura. IV: Tensiones y roturas musculares. [Problems of Embouchure. IV: Muscle Tensions and Ruptures.]
(Feb-05) 12 Notas

Sensory Mapping of Lip Representation in Brass Musicians with Embouchure Dystonia
(Apr-04) Neuroreport

Some Embouchure Problems of Horn Players: Overuse Injury and Focal Embouchure Dystonia
(Feb-04) The Horn Call

The Natural History of Embouchure Dystonia
(Sep-01) Movement Disorders

To Your Health - Embouchure Overuse Syndrome: What Every Wind Player Should Know
(Oct-07) International Musician

To Your Health: Facing Up to Embouchure Problems
(Aug-07) International Musician

To Your Health: When Embouchures Break
(Mar-03) International Musician