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A Comprehensive Performance Project in Horn Literature with an Essay Consisting of the Effects of Inspiratory Conditions on the Vital Capacity of Brass Players
(1988) DMA Dissertation, University of Iowa

A Nickel-free Horn
(Feb-05) The Horn Call

Brace Yourself!
(Sep-93) ITG Journal

Bromocriptine for Horn Player's Palsy
(Jun-83) Lancet

Correspondence: Repair of the Orbicularis Oris in Horn Players
(Dec-88) Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

EMG Characterization of Embouchure Muscle Activity: Reliability and Application to Embouchure Dystonia
(Mar-05) Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Embouchure Dystonia: An Under-recognized Cause of Performance Impairment in Brass Players
(1999) The Horn Call

Embouchure Health and Maintenance
(May-99) The Horn Call

Excessive Practicing May Cause Muscle Tremors, Focal Dystonia
(Sep-02) The Instrumentalist

French Horn Embouchure Dystonia
(Jan-99) Movement Disorders

French-horn Hypertension
(Aug-95) New England Journal of Medicine

Horn Playing and Blood Pressure
(12-Oct-96) Lancet

Horn Stuttering
(1992) Journal of Fluency Disorders

IHS Symposium 2003 Medical Problems of Horn Players
(Feb-04) The Horn Call

Medical Issues: Overuse Injuries - an Interview with Lucinda Lewis
(May-06) The Horn Call

Medical Problems of Brass Instrumentalists: Prevalence Rates for Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, and Low Brass
(2002) Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Not Music to the Ear
(Apr-96) Industry Week

Overstrain Injuries in Brass Players: Causes and Cure
(1993) Brass Bulletin

Overstrain Injuries in Brass Players: Causes and Cure: A Brass Player's Testament

Pinched Nerves: Spinal, Ulnar, and Carpal
(Feb-04) The Horn Call

Probleme des Blechblasinstrumentenspiels unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Horns. [Problems Associated with Playing Brass Instruments, with Special Consideration of the Horn.]
(1995) Medizinische Probleme bei Instrumentalisten: Ursache und Prävention

Some Embouchure Problems of Horn Players: Overuse Injury and Focal Embouchure Dystonia
(Feb-04) The Horn Call

Some Physiological Observations on French Horn Musicians
(Nov-75) Journal of Occupational Medicine

Task-Specific Dystonia in a Horn Player
(Jan-01) Movement Disorders

The Horn Player and Ockham's Razor
(Jul-98) Psychiatrische Praxis

Velopharyngeal Incompetence Manifested Initially in Playing a Musical Instrument
(1990) Journal of Voice

Wandering Atrial Pacemaker (Prevalence in French Hornists)
(1976) Journal Electrocardiology