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Effects of Instrument Type and Orchestral Position on Hearing Sensitivity for 0.25 to 20 kHz in the Orchestral Musician
(1985) Scandanavian Audiology

Hearing Ability in Danish Symphony Orchestra Musicians
(1999) Noise Health

Hearing Assessment of Classical Orchestral Musicians
(2001) Scandanavian Audiology

Is the Audiologic Status of Professional Musicians a Reflection of the Noise Exposure in Classical Orchestral Music?
(22-Nov-07) European Archives of Oto-rhino-laryngoly

Noise and the Classical Musician
(Dec-92) British Medical Journal

Pathologies chez les musiciens d'orchestre: Enquête dans la région Rhône-Alpes. [Disorders in Orchestral Musicians: Survey in the Rhône-Alpes Region.]
(Sep-96) Médecine des arts: Approche médicale et scientifique des pratiques artistiques