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Blowing Pressure, Power, and Spectrum in Trumpet Playing
(Feb-99) The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Effect of Wind Instrument Playing on Intraocular Pressure
(Aug-00) Journal of Glaucoma

Evolutionary Algorithm for Generation of Air Pressure and Lip Pressure Parameters for Automated Performance of Brass Instruments
(2006) PhD Dissertation, Nova Southeastern University

Horn Playing and Blood Pressure
(12-Oct-96) Lancet

The Way to High D
(Feb-73) Lancet

Wie Frontzähne von Bläsern sich bewegen: Untersuchung der Frontzähne-Belastung und -Bewegung beim Musizieren mit Blechblasinstrumenten. [How the Front Teeth of Wind Players Move: An Investigation of the Pressure on Front Teeth and Their Movement during th
(1995) Das Orchester: Zeitschrift für Orchesterkultur und Rundfunk-Chorwesen

World News: Danger, Medical Journal Reports that Brass Players Who Play in Upper Register Under Strong Pressure Run Risk of Causing Glaucoma
(1996) Brass Bulletin