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Ask the Doctor: Focal Dystonia
(2003) The Double Reed

Employment and Acceptance of Hearing Protectors in Classical Symphony and Opera Orchestras
(Jan-08) Noise Health

Fit as a Fiddle: the Musician's Guide to Playing Healthy

Four Environmental Techniques to Reduce the Effect of Music Exposure on Hearing
(Jun-95) Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Hear the Music: Hearing Loss Prevention for Musicians: 2001 Musician's Clinic of Canada

Medizinische Probleme bei Instrumentalisten: Ursache und Prävention. [Medical Problems of Instrumentalists: Causes and Prevention.]
(1995) Das Orchester: Zeitschrift für Orchesterkultur und Rundfunk-Chorwesen

Musician Health and Safety: Preventing Playing-related Musculoskeletal Disorders
(Jul-06) AAOHN Journal: Official Journal of the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses

Orchestral Injury Prevention Intervention Study
(Mar-97) Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Playing without Pain: Strategies for the Developing Instrumentalist Reference
(Nov-06) Music Educators Journal

Prevention of Musicians' Hand Problems
(May-03) Hand Clinics

To Your Health: Play Smart with Your Muscles
(Nov-04) International Musician

To Your Health: Protecting Yourself from Hearing Loss
(Apr-05) International Musician

To Your Health: Tinnitus Isn't Music to Your Ears
(Jan-04) International Musician