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Articles by Altenmüller, E.


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Anxiety as an Aggravating Factor during Onset of Focal Dystonia in Musicians
(Jun-04) Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Berufsspezifische Erkrankungen bei Musikern. [Job-Related Illnesses in Musicians.]
(2000) Das Orchester - Zeitschrift für Orchesterkultur und Rundfunk-Chorwesen

Cerebrovascular Ischemic Events in Wind Instrument Players
(Sep-00) Neurology

Focal Dystonia: Advances in Brain Imaging and Understanding of Fine Motor Control in Musicians
(Aug-03) Hand Clinics

Musicians' Cramp: Instrumental and Gender Differences
(Mar-03) Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Sensory Mapping of Lip Representation in Brass Musicians with Embouchure Dystonia
(Apr-04) Neuroreport