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Articles by Brandfonbrener, A.


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A New Method for Quantification of Musician's Dystonia: The Frequency of Abnormal Movements Scale
(Dec-05) Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Appendix: National Organizations Involved with Medical Care of Musicians
(May-03) Hand Clinics

Epidemiology and Risk Factors
(2000) Chap. 8 in Medical Problems of the Instrumentalist Musician

Epidemiology of the Medical Problems of Performing Artists
(1991) Chap. 2 in Textbook of Performing Arts Medicine

Musicians with Focal Dystonia: A Report of 58 Cases Seen during a Ten-year Period at a Performing Arts Medicine Clinic
(Dec-95) Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Orchestral Injury Prevention Intervention Study
(Mar-97) Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Review of 113 Musicians with Focal Dystonia Seen Between 1985 and 2002 at a Clinic for Performing Artists
(2004) Advances in Neurology, Dystonia 4

The Science versus the Art of Medicine in Considering Musicians' Injuries
(Spring 1997) American String Teacher