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Epidemiology of the Medical Problems of Performing Artists


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Primary Author: Brandfonbrener, A.
Journal Title: Chap. 2 in Textbook of Performing Arts Medicine
Date Published: 1991
Language: English
Category: Multiple Medical Disorders
Key Words: medical instrumental problems performance epidemiology
Full Citation: Brandfonbrener, Alice G. Epidemiology of the Medical Problems of Performing Artists. Chap. 2 in Textbook of Performing Arts Medicine, edited by Robert Thayer Sataloff, Alice G. Brandfonbrener, and Richard J. Lederman. New York: Raven Press, 1991.
Full Abstract: The instrument itself plays a role in the epidemiology of a musician's injuries. The contributing risk factors involving the nature of instruments include: the posture sustained for playing, the weight of the instrument, the pressure of the instrument at the contact points of the player, the nature of the repetitive motions used while playing, and the physiological demands of the instruments, i.e., breath control. The primary musculoskeletal risks encountered in brass players involve the facial musculature that makes up the embouchure. Postural problems involving the upper torso, neck and shoulders are also reported. Lip problems of brass players may be mechanical, traumatic, infectious, neural, or allergic. The allergy to nickel, the primary metal in mouthpieces, is not uncommon. There is no evidence that the HIV virus can be transmitted through saliva. Other infections can be transmitted on the mouthpiece itself. These include herpes, the common cold, and other bacterial or spirochetal infections.