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Acute Nose-Blow Palsy: A Pneumatic Variant of Sudden Facial Paralysis


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Primary Author: Onundarson, P.
Journal Title: New England Journal of Medicine
Date Published: Nov-87
Language: English
Category: Nervous Disorders
Key Words: palsy facial paralysis musician instrumental dystonia
Full Citation: Onundarson, P. T. Acute Nose-Blow Palsy: A Pneumatic Variant of Sudden Facial Paralysis. New England Journal of Medicine 317, no. 19 (November 5, 1987): 1227.
Full Abstract: A 17 year-old French horn player with cold symptoms had intentionally occluded the left external ear canal and blown his nose, rather forcefully, to try to relieve pressure in the right ear. This caused an immediate right sided dropping of the mouth as well as other neurological deficits. Within twenty minutes all deficits had resolved. The author concludes that it is possible that the frequent generation of high pressure associated with playing the French horn potentiated the development of this problem, although the phenomenon described here is different from horn-player's palsy. Noted that pneumatic in the title pertains to respiration. Three references.