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Brass: Bell's Palsy - Part One


Copyright 2024, Mark Alan Wade

Primary Author: Sanbom, C.
Journal Title: Canadian Musician
Date Published: Sep-00
Language: English
Category: Nervous Disorders
Key Words: brass palsy dystonia focal instrumental musician
Full Citation: Sanborn, Chase. Brass: Bell's Palsy- Part One. Canadian Musician 22, no. 5 (September 2000): 30.
Full Abstract: Discusses Bell's Palsy, an inflammation of the seventh cranial nerve that produces weakness or paralysis of the facial muscles on one side, and its effect on musicians. States that there is a strong belief that it is viral, and the time span for recovery seems to run from two weeks to three months. Notes that the author currently has Bell's Palsy, and his treatment consists of steroids and anti-viral medication, coupled with daily physiotherapy to electrically stimulate the muscles and a number of facial exercises. States that the goal is to gain some muscle tone while waiting for the nerve to heal itself and once again start generating impulses.