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Bromocriptine for Horn Player's Palsy


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Primary Author: James, I.
Journal Title: Lancet
Date Published: Jun-83
Language: English
Category: Nervous Disorders
Key Words: bromocriptine French horn dystonia focal
Full Citation: James, I., and P. Cook. Bromocriptine for Horn Player's Palsy. Lancet I, no. 8839 (June 25, 1983): 1450.
Full Abstract: A 42 year-old professional horn player began to experience marked tightness of lip and facial muscles only when he played the French horn. Eventually performing, but not teaching, had to be discontinued. Routine therapies were ineffective, but bromocriptine (an antiparkinsonian agent) was effective. A daily dose enabled him to resume his orchestral career. A second horn player presented similar problems and similar results from the same therapies. Questions regarding occupational palsies are discussed.