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Cardiovascular Effects of French Horn Playing


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Primary Author: Larger, E.
Journal Title: Lancet
Date Published: 30-Nov-96
Language: English
Category: Anatomical, Physiological & Historical Research
Key Words: cardiovascular French Horn performance
Full Citation: Larger, Etienne, and Sevérine Ledoux. Cardiovascular Effects of French Horn Playing. Lancet 348, no. 9040 (November 30, 1996): 1528
Full Abstract: After measuring the heart rates and blood pressure of an experienced hornist while sustaining pitches throughout the horns range for twenty-five seconds, the French horn does not appear to increase diastolic blood pressure. The heart rate does seem to increase with increased range. The comparison of horn playing pressure to that of the Valsalva maneuver is faulty as there is not sufficient pressure in correct horn playing to warrant such maneuver.