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Articles about Anatomical, Physiological & Historical Research


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A Comprehensive Performance Project in Horn Literature with an Essay Consisting of the Effects of Inspiratory Conditions on the Vital Capacity of Brass Players
(1988) DMA Dissertation, University of Iowa

A Nickel-free Horn
(Feb-05) The Horn Call

A Study of the Bacterial Flora in Selected Student Brass Musical Instruments
(2005) PhD Dissertation, University of Hawaii

Acid Saliva, Perspiration and Deteriorating French Horn
(Oct-73) JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association

Always Blow Your Own Trumpet! Potential Cross-infection Hazards through Salivary and Respiratory Secretions in the Sharing of Brass and Woodwind Musical Instruments during Music Therapy Sessions
(Mar-04) Journal of Hospital Infections

An Investigation of Heart Response during Trumpet Playing
(1993) PhD Dissertation, University of North Texas

An Investigation of the Laryngeal Activity of Trumpet Players during the Performance of Selected Exercises
(1989) PhD Dissertation, University of North Texas

Appendix: National Organizations Involved with Medical Care of Musicians
(May-03) Hand Clinics

Blowing Pressure, Power, and Spectrum in Trumpet Playing
(Feb-99) The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Cardiovascular Effects of French Horn Playing
(30-Nov-96) Lancet

Cerebrovascular Ischemic Events in Wind Instrument Players
(Sep-00) Neurology

Cheilitis Due to Nickel Contact Allergy in a Trumpet Player
(Jun-00) Contact Dermititis

Circulatory Effects of Trumpet Playing
(14-Mar-59) British Medical Journal

Electromyography of Lip Muscles and Their Role in Trumpet Playing
(Dec-73) Journal of Applied Physiology

Electrophysiological Examination of Labial Function in College-Age Trumpet Performers
(1968) PhD Dissertation, University of Oklahoma

Enquête épidémiologique auprès de 220 instrumentistes [Epidemiological Survey of 220 Student Musicians]
(Sep-99) Médecine des arts: Approche médicale et scientifique des pratiques artistiques

Evolutionary Algorithm for Generation of Air Pressure and Lip Pressure Parameters for Automated Performance of Brass Instruments
(2006) PhD Dissertation, Nova Southeastern University

French-horn Hypertension
(Aug-95) New England Journal of Medicine

Functional Disorders of the Upper Airway Associated with Playing Wind Instruments
(Spring 1986) Cleveland Clinic Quarterly

Health and Occupational Correlates of Perceived Occupational Stress in Symphony Orchestra Musicians
(Sep-88) Journal of Occupational Medicine

Heart Rate and Rhythm Responses during Trumpet Playing
(Sep-94) Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Horn Playing and Blood Pressure
(12-Oct-96) Lancet

Instrument-specific Rates of Upper-Extremity Injuries in Music Students
(Mar-98) Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Instrumental Musicians' Hazards
(October-December, 2001) Occupational Medicine

Isolation of Atypical Mycrobacteria from Musical Wind-instruments
(30-Aug-74) Bollettino della Società italiana di biologia sperimentale

Letters: French Horn Affairs
(Feb-74) JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association

Measurement of Tooth Displacements and Mouthpiece Forces during Brass Instrument Playing
(Dec-95) Medical Engineering & Physics

Medical Corner (Toxicity in Brass for Brass Playing Musicians)
(1996) ITA Journal

Mesures des forces exercées sur l'embouchure et des déplacements dentaires dans la pratique des cuivres [Measurement of Mouthpiece Forces and Tooth Displacements during Brass Instrument Playing]
(Dec-00) Médecine des arts: Approche médicale et scientifique des pratiques artistiques

Mouthpiece Forces Produced While Playing the Trumpet
(1988) Journal of Biomechanics

Music and Learning-induced Cortical Plasticity
(Nov-03) Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Nickel Allergy in Trumpet Player
(Apr-99) Contact Dermititis

Not Music to the Ear
(Apr-96) Industry Week

Orchestral Injury Prevention Intervention Study
(Mar-97) Medical Problems of Performing Artists

Petite histoire des pathologies chez l'instrumentiste à vent [A Brief History of the Pathologies of Wind Players]
(Jun-94) Médecine des arts: Approche médicale et scientifique des pratiques artistiques

Quantitative Untersuchung zur Beurteilung funktioneller Parameter beim Trompetenspiel [Quantitative Analysis on the Assessment of Functional Parameters of Trumpet Playing]
(1997) PhD Dissertation, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität

Some Physiological Observations on French Horn Musicians
(Nov-75) Journal of Occupational Medicine

Special Operative Considerations in Musicians
(May-03) Hand Clinics

The Athletic Musician: A Guide to Playing Without Pain
(1997) Book

The Science versus the Art of Medicine in Considering Musicians' Injuries
(Spring 1997) American String Teacher

The Way to High D
(Feb-73) Lancet

Tongue Strength and Endurance: Relation to Highly Skilled Movements
(Dec-92) Journal of Speech and Hearing Research

Trumpet Playing and Dentistry: A Historical Perspective
(Jun-05) ITG Journal

Une enquête sur la pathologie des instrumentistes à vent professionnels: Comparaison des cuivres et des bois [A Comparative Investigation of the Medical Problems of Professional Woodwind and Brass Players]
(Jun-94) Médecine des arts: Approche médicale et scientifique des pratiques artistiques

Wandering Atrial Pacemaker (Prevalence in French Hornists)
(1976) Journal Electrocardiology

When to Stop the Music
(1-Dec-95) Harefuah