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Circulatory Effects of Trumpet Playing


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Primary Author: Faulkner, M.
Journal Title: British Medical Journal
Date Published: 14-Mar-59
Language: English
Category: Anatomical, Physiological & Historical Research
Key Words: circulatory trumpet performance medical
Full Citation: Faulkner, M., and E. P. Sharpey-Schafer. Circulatory Effects of Trumpet Playing. British Medical Journal 1, no. 5123 (March 14, 1959): 685-6.
Full Abstract: Continuous mouth and arterial pressures were recorded during trumpet playing. A professional reached 160 mm. Hg blown pressure on loud high notes; less skilled performers were unable to reach such pressures. The circulatory effects of prolonged playing were those of a formidable Valsalva manœuvre. Dizziness or black-out may result.