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Electromyography of Lip Muscles and Their Role in Trumpet Playing


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Primary Author: White, E.
Journal Title: Journal of Applied Physiology
Date Published: Dec-73
Language: English
Category: Anatomical, Physiological & Historical Research
Key Words: electromyography lip muscle trumpet performance
Full Citation: White, E. R., and J. V. Basmajian. Electromyography of Lip Muscles and Their Role in Trumpet Playing. Journal of Applied Physiology 35, no. 6 (December 1973): 892-7.
Full Abstract: An electromyographic study with fine-wire electrodes of the orbicularis oris muscles in the upper and lower lips, the elevator anguli oris and depressor anguli oris in eighteen trumpeters reveals a relationship between levels of skill and certain aspects of muscular activity in individual muscles during performance. Intensity and register vary directly with the level of activity at all levels of skill. Beginners have greater muscle activity in the upper lip than in the lower while advanced players (concert artists) do not, indicating that this activity should be suppressed for better performance. Beginners also showed greater variability of muscle activity in general. Muscle activity ceases abruptly in all types of players at the end of the tone.