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Focal Dystonia in Instrumentalists: Clinical Features


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Primary Author: Lederman, R.
Journal Title: Medical Problems of Performing Artists
Date Published: Dec-91
Language: English
Category: Nervous Disorders
Key Words: brass focal dystonia instrumental musician treatment
Full Citation: Lederman, Richard J. Focal Dystonia in Instrumentalists: Clinical Features. Medical Problems of Performing Artists 6, no. 4 (December 1991): 132-6.
Full Abstract: Dr. Lederman presents a brief history of dystonia in musicians dating back to 1840 in a pianist, an 1878 in a flutist. The frequency of focal dystonia in musicians is not known as prevalence data is sparse. Individual statistics from doctors are given, and range between 8 and 14%. In addition, in the author's series, men affected outnumber the women two to one. The average age of onset for the condition was thirty-two years for men and thirty-eight years for women. The clinical symptoms are examined and statistically listed. In brass players, the disorder consistently manifested itself in the embouchure. Finally, the present state of treatment options are listed, and reveal that all options reach only limited success.