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Focal Task-Specific Dystonia in Musicians


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Primary Author: Frucht, S.
Journal Title: Advances in Neurology, Dystonia 4
Date Published: 2004
Language: English
Category: Nervous Disorders
Key Words: dystonia focal task musician instrumental
Full Citation: Frucht, Steven J. Focal Task-Specific Dystonia in Musicians. Advances in Neurology 94 Dystonia 4, no. 30 (2004): 225-30.
Full Abstract: The author discusses a historical perspective on dystonia, with the first known diagnosis in 1830 (writer's cramp). Dr. Frucht then addresses the following questions: what is the prevalence for TSFD in musicians?; who is at risk?; what triggers TSFD?; is music performance a risk factor for developing dystonia?; why does TSFD affect the hand?; and how should affected musicians manage their disease? Musicians who are patients with TSFD are unique in that for a treatment to be effective, it must grant nearly 100% recoveries for professional performances to resume. The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation offers more information at: www.dystoniafoundation.org.