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Heart Rate and Rhythm Responses during Trumpet Playing


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Primary Author: Hunsaker, L.
Journal Title: Medical Problems of Performing Artists
Date Published: Sep-94
Language: English
Category: Anatomical, Physiological & Historical Research
Key Words: heart rate rhythm response trumpet performance
Full Citation: Hunsaker, Leigh Anne. Heart Rate and Rhythm Responses during Trumpet Playing. Medical Problems of Performing Artists 9, no. 3 (September 1994): 69-72.
Full Abstract: The effects of trumpet playing upon the heart were investigated by obtaining electrocardiograms during practice sessions and musical performances. The study design included two phases: a comparison of the heart rates at rest and while playing a standardized etude, and a comparison of the heart rates and rhythm responses while playing selected music in both practice and performance situations. Results of the first phase of the study showed that the heart rate during trumpet playing was significantly higher (p< 0.0001) than it was when resting. In the second phase, all but one subject had a faster heart rate during a performance than when practicing the same music. Disturbances in heart rhythm were more common and more pronounced in performance than in practice. Although pronounced changes in the heart's rate and rhythm were recorded during trumpet playing, none of these effects persisted after playing. Similar, temporary ECG changes have been reported for healthy athletes during physical activity. The data provided no evidence of any adverse effect of trumpet playing on the cardiovascular system of otherwise normal subjects. In the absence of other symptoms, these ECG changes can be considered normal variants that occur as a function of instrument playing.