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Mouthpiece Forces Produced While Playing the Trumpet


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Primary Author: Barbenel, J.
Journal Title: Journal of Biomechanics
Date Published: 1988
Language: English
Category: Anatomical, Physiological & Historical Research
Key Words: mouthpiece force trumpet performance biomechanics
Full Citation: Barbenel, J. C., P. Kenny, and J. B. Davies. Mouthpiece Forces Produced While Playing the Trumpet. Journal of Biomechanics 21, no. 5 (1988): 417-24.
Full Abstract: A transducer for measuring the force applied to the trumpet mouthpiece during performance is described. The device allowed the players to perform on their own instrument and in their usual manner. The results of tests on 60 subjects showed that during playing the force between the mouthpiece and instrument increased with increasing loudness and ascending pitch but that there was no significant correlation between mouthpiece force and proficiency or style. The maximum force which the players could tolerate was greater for high proficiency players than for medium.