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Nickel Allergy in Trumpet Player


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Primary Author: Nakamura, M.
Journal Title: Contact Dermititis
Date Published: Apr-99
Language: English
Category: Anatomical, Physiological & Historical Research
Key Words: nickel allergy trumpet dermititis
Full Citation: Nakamura, Motonobu, et al. Nickel Allergy in Trumpet Player. Contact Dermatitis 40, no. 4 (April 1999): 219-20.
Full Abstract: Nickel is the most frequent metal contact allergen. Nickel sensitivity was observed in 4.5% in the general population, in 8% of females and 0.8% of males. At the time of testing, 34% of the nickel-sensitive subjects showed eczema. In our hospital, out of 24 patients patch tested with the same metal series for 5 months, 8 (33.3%) had positive reactions to nickel sulfate. Some other dermatitis of musicians is due to nickel allergy, a case of guitar-string dermatitis, for example. Nickel sensitivity may also be a cause of 'flautist's chin'. To our knowledge, there are no previous reports of nickel allergy in a trumpet player.