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Task-Specific Dystonia in a Horn Player


Copyright 2024, Mark Alan Wade

Primary Author: Mucchiut, M.
Journal Title: Movement Disorders
Date Published: Jan-01
Language: English
Category: Nervous Disorders
Key Words: French horn dystonia musician instrument task
Full Citation: Mucchiut, M., et al. Task-Specific Dystonia in a Horn Player. Movement Disorders 16 no.1 (January 2001): 176-7.
Full Abstract: Task Specific Dystonia (TSD) is a subset of action dystonia that occurs exclusively or primarily when the patient is performing a specific task. This particular condition, which may be debilitating, has been described for more than a century. TSD is often reported in musicians and generally affects the hands when playing string, percussion, or wind instruments. There have been case reports of this phenomenon affecting the mouths of players and we describe a case we believe may fall into this category.