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The Horn Player and Ockham's Razor


Copyright 2024, Mark Alan Wade

Primary Author: Massing, W.
Journal Title: Psychiatrische Praxis
Date Published: Jul-98
Language: German
Category: Nervous Disorders
Key Words: French horn musician dystonia psychological
Full Citation: Massing, W. [The Horn Player and Ockham's Razor.] (German) Psychiatrische Praxis (Germany) 25, no. 4 (July 1998): 204-5.
Full Abstract: No English abstract or un-translated title exists for this German source. The journal's title and subject are in the field of Psychiatry, though the Pubmed database lists related items with the subject of dystonias. This suggests that the article is focused on the psychological effects of dystonia on the horn player. For more information see Pubmed record number 9738253.