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The Incompetent Palate: A Trumpeting Disaster


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Primary Author: Dibbell, D.
Journal Title: ITG Journal
Date Published: 1997
Language: English
Category: Orofacial Disorders
Key Words: palate mouth surgery musician brass trumpet
Full Citation: Dibbell, David G. The Incompetent Palate: A Trumpeting Disaster. International Trumpet Guild Journal 2 (1997): 37-8.
Full Abstract: During wind instrument performance the soft palate is responsible for sealing off the nasal air passage and directing the flow of air through the oral cavity into the instrument. In some individuals, the palate may not seal completely against the high intra-oral pressure produced during brass performance, causing loss of range and endurance. A relatively simple surgical procedure can lengthen the palate and strengthen its connecting tissue. Increased range and endurance are reported for two musicians discussed in the paper.