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TMJ - What a Joint!


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Primary Author: Train, J.
Journal Title: ITG Journal
Date Published: Sep-97
Language: English
Category: Orofacial Disorders
Key Words: TMJ performance musician medical mouth trumpet
Full Citation: Train, Jack. TMJ- What a Joint! ITG Journal 22, no. 1 (September 1997): 40.
Full Abstract: A forty-seven year old trumpet player exhibited the following symptoms: severe facial pain, ringing in the ears, pain in the back (and sometimes down his legs), loss of balance, and one side of his face pulled up and off to the side secondary to trumpet playing. The symptoms diminished when he stopped playing the trumpet. He also had severe mal-occlusions. An audible click or pop was heard upon opening his jaw. A clinical examination also revealed extreme sensitivity to gentle palpation of the temporomandibular joint muscles. The patient shared that he received a hit to the jaw in high school while playing football on several occasions. Braces were recommended at that time but were not employed due to financial reasons. After reviewing the literature and consulting other specialists, we concluded that the patient was suffering from acute Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, known as TMJ syndrome. The symptoms suggested that one of the tendons was torn or stretch, causing the muscles to pull the jaw back into place. These muscles would soon tire and spasm from performing the ligament's job. An occlusal splint (a plastic guard worn over the teeth) and muscle relaxants produced nearly immediate relief. In addition, the patient changed mouthpieces from a large Schilke 20 to a Bach 3C. Arthroscopic exploratory surgery is scheduled to investigate proper orthodontic treatment.