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Articles from The Horn Call


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A Nickel-free Horn
(Feb-05) The Horn Call

Embouchure Dystonia: An Under-recognized Cause of Performance Impairment in Brass Players
(1999) The Horn Call

Embouchure Health and Maintenance
(May-99) The Horn Call

IHS Symposium 2003 Medical Problems of Horn Players
(Feb-04) The Horn Call

Medical Issues: Focal Embouchure Dystonia and Musicians: Some Current Thoughts and Concerns about Treatment
(Feb-06) The Horn Call

Medical Issues: Overuse Injuries - an Interview with Lucinda Lewis
(May-06) The Horn Call

Pinched Nerves: Spinal, Ulnar, and Carpal
(Feb-04) The Horn Call

Some Embouchure Problems of Horn Players: Overuse Injury and Focal Embouchure Dystonia
(Feb-04) The Horn Call