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Medical Issues: Overuse Injuries - an Interview with Lucinda Lewis


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Primary Author: Dalrymple, G.
Journal Title: The Horn Call
Date Published: May-06
Language: English
Category: Overuse Syndrome and Musculoskeletal Injuries
Key Words: medical stress overuse injury French horn musician
Full Citation: Dalrymple, Glenn V. Medical Issues: Overuse Injuries- an Interview with Lucinda Lewis. The Horn Call 36, no. 3 (May 2006): 49-50.
Full Abstract: Lucinda Lewis describes overuse injury as often occurring when instrumentalists have played more hours than usual or with more intensity than usual. The typical symptoms are facial fatigue and noticeable lip swelling. Lewis recommends suspending practice on the instrument for a few days. If the problem has developed into full-blown embouchure overuse syndrome, mechanical rehabilitation is the only method that will return the player to their previous abilities. Rehabilitation can be seen in two to four weeks, though complete recovery and retraining takes longer. Surgery is not recommended; retraining one's technique is. Emotionally, this disorder is crippling. Players should be comforted in knowing that if they can persevere through the rehabilitation and retraining, the problem is curable.