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Dental Study of a Professional Trumpet Player


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Primary Author: Kessler, H.
Journal Title: Journal of the American Dental Association
Date Published: Aug-59
Language: English
Category: Orofacial Disorders
Key Words: dental wind instrumental musician professional trumpet brass
Full Citation: Kessler, Howard E. Dental Study of a Professional Trumpet Player. Journal of the American Dental Association 59, no. 2 (August 1959): 320-1.
Full Abstract: Dr. Kessler's study of veteran trumpet player, Alois Hruby, who served thirty-eight years in the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, reveals the typical embouchure and its effects on the body. A roentgenogram of Mr. Hruby illustrates the compression of the top lip against the teeth. The author suggests that Mr. Hruby's sixty-year trumpet career is responsible for the flattening of his lips. The author also suggests that the lips may have been flattened due to the horizontal horn angle needed in orchestral playing. Photographs of the trumpeter's extended tongue are given. Dr. Kessler also hypothesizes that Mr. Hruby's anterior dental arch bone structure could have benefited from his lifetime of trumpet playing.