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French-horn Hypertension


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Primary Author: Dimsdale, J.
Journal Title: New England Journal of Medicine
Date Published: Aug-95
Language: English
Category: Anatomical, Physiological & Historical Research
Key Words: French horn hypertension medicine
Full Citation: Dimsdale, J. E., and R. A. Nelson. French-horn Hypertension. New England Journal of Medicine 333 (August 1995): 326-7.
Full Abstract: Hypertension in a French horn player is briefly discussed. Blood pressure measurements were made while the patient played a scale and while at rest. An immediate and progressive increase in diastolic pressure was associated with horn playing, and there was a correlation between diastolic pressure and the frequency of the note. Clinical relevance of blood pressure increases during horn playing is unknown, but brass players' folklore indicates a raised incidence of conjuctival (eye) hemorrhages, retinal detachments, and cerebrovascular accidents (stroke).