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Instrumental Musicians' Hazards


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Primary Author: Hoppmann, R.
Journal Title: Occupational Medicine
Date Published: October-December, 2001
Language: English
Category: Anatomical, Physiological & Historical Research
Key Words: instrumental musician hazard performance
Full Citation: Hoppmann, R. A. Instrumental Musicians' Hazards. Occupational Medicine 16, no. 4 (October-December 2001): 619-31.
Full Abstract: In the last two decades, injuries to instrumental musicians have been well documented. Major categories of performance-related injuries include musculoskeletal overuse, nerve entrapment/thoracic outlet syndrome, and focal dystonia. Other areas of concern to instrumentalists include hypermobility, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and hearing loss. This chapter reviews the epidemiology, risk factors, physical exam, treatment, and prevention of common problems of instrumentalists. Emphasis is placed on the team approach of treatment and prevention and the need for close collaboration of the various health professionals, music educators, and performers. Additional resources are presented for those interested in pursuing performing arts medicine in greater detail.