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New Tools for the Assessment of the Embouchure's Biomechanics


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Primary Author: Llobet, J.
Journal Title: ITG Journal
Date Published: Mar-05
Language: English
Category: Orofacial Disorders
Key Words: embouchure biomechanics tools performance brass instrument musician
Full Citation: Llobet, Jaume Rosset. New Tools for the Assessment of the Embouchure's Biomechanics. ITG Journal 29, no.3 (March 2005): 51-3, 81.
Full Abstract: At some point, most wind instrumentalists will experience a medical problem with their embouchure. In the performance of brass instruments, the mouthpiece hides the problem from view, making diagnosis difficult. Anatomical and mechanical understanding of the embouchure sheds light on these problems. To this end, high resolution ecographs are able to illustrate muscle activity and their superficial structures. It is non-invasive and allows observation of moving the structures. This research revealed that the maximal force of the orbicularis oris in single reed players is 450gr., compared to 550gr. in double reed performance and 800gr. in trumpet playing. The innovation of the ecograph is that is eliminates the problem of visualization of the problems of the embouchure.