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Playing without Pain: Strategies for the Developing Instrumentalist Reference


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Primary Author: Dawson, W.
Journal Title: Music Educators Journal
Date Published: Nov-06
Language: English
Category: Multiple Medical Disorders
Key Words: medical prevention developing instrumental musician educator
Full Citation: Dawson, William J. Playing without Pain: Strategies for the Developing Instrumentalist Reference. Music Educators Journal 93, no. 2 (November 2006): 36-41.
Full Abstract: Central to working effectively with young musicians' medical problems are proper diagnosis and treatment, followed closely by rehabilitation of the affected area of the body. Even more important is prevention. All music educators must be aware of their students' potential for developing medical difficulties and have a layperson's working knowledge of their causes, contributing factors, basic diagnostic elements, and principles of treatment and rehabilitation. Three major factors play into the development of overuse-related problems: (1) participating in any activity that exceeds the body's physiological limits; (2) misuse, such as improper technique; and (3) the genetic condition known as hypermobility or double-jointedness. Pain is the primary symptom that something is wrong.