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Specific Orofacial Problems Experienced by Musicians


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Primary Author: Yeo, D.
Journal Title: Australian Dental Journal
Date Published: Mar-02
Language: English
Category: Orofacial Disorders
Key Words: orofacial musician medical dental teeth performance
Full Citation: Yeo, D.K.L., T.P. Pham, J. Baker, and S.A.T. Porter. Specific Orofacial Problems Experienced by Musicians. Australian Dental Journal 47, no. 1 (March 2002): 2-11.
Full Abstract: Patients who play musical instruments (especially wind and stringed instruments) and vocalists are prone to particular types of orofacial problems. Some problems are caused by playing and some are the result of dental treatment. This paper proposes to give an insight into these problems and practical guidance to general practice dentists. Information in this paper is gathered from studies published in dental, music and occupational health journals, and from discussions with career musicians and music teachers. Orthodontic problems, soft tissue trauma, focal dystonia, denture retention, herpes labialis, dry mouth and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders were identified as orofacial problems of career musicians. Options available for prevention and palliative treatment as well as instrument selection are suggested to overcome these problems. Career musicians express reluctance to attend dentists who are not sensitive to their specific needs. General practitioner dentists who understand the instrument's impact on the orofacial structures and are aware of potential problems faced by musicians are able to offer preventive advice and supportive treatment to these patients, especially those in the early stages of their career.