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Embouchure Problems in Brass Instrumentalists


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Primary Author: Lederman, R.
Journal Title: Medical Problems of Performing Artists
Date Published: Jun-03
Language: English
Category: Orofacial Disorders
Key Words: embouchure brass instrumental performance musician
Full Citation: Lederman, Richard J. Embouchure Problems in Brass Instrumentalists. Medical Problems of Performing Artists 16 (June 2003): 53-57.
Full Abstract: Soft tissue trauma, focal dystonia, and overuse injuries affect brass players because of the pressures exerted onto the lips by the mouthpiece. Localized nerve injury is a resulting complication of soft tissue trauma. Symptoms of brass players with dystonias are unclear articulations, impairment of lip control and tone quality. Brass players suffering from overuse injuries and soft tissue damage experience lip swelling, pain, and localized discoloration consistent with subcutaneous hemorrhage. For proper diagnosis, it is necessary to observe the brass player playing the instrument. While there is no cure for dystonia, treatment includes rest and lip rehabilitation when the player resumes practice. Treatment for overuse injuries and soft tissue damage includes rest, a gradual return to playing, and some modifications of technique in cases where exceedingly unnecessary pressure is used when playing.